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Personal Background

· Married September 8th, 1985 for 32 years.

· 1st Grandchild NAMIA POWELL AUGUST 23, 2017 (Ask me to see pictures)

· Worship at Faith Community Lafayette, IN

Professional Background

· Licensed in Indiana Since October 2007

Personal Business Philosophy

To eliminate the worries and concerns for everyone

we meet in order to give you the peace of mind that 

your family is protected when life’s changes come.

Insurance Product Portfolio

 · Life Insurance: Term, Whole and Guaranteed Issue

· Medical Insurance: Individual and Small Group

· Medicare Supplement Plans

· Annuities: Fixed, Deferred, Hybrid, Indexed and SPIA’s

· 401k Rollovers

· Long Term Care

· Dental, Vision and Hearing

Thomas & Tonya will provide you options so you can choose from a portfolio of Insurance Providers that best fits you and your family’s needs.

 Our portfolio is of the highest Rated Insurance companies available