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Who We Are & How We Can Help

Senior Elite Services, LLC (SES) is a full-service Agency serving Tennessee since 2008. Jonathan Acevedo, the founder and president, and his team are Insurance Agents licensed and bonded in Tennessee, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


Insurance is necessary to protect our families from unforeseen circumstances, and we want to ensure we can provide the best coverage and excellent customer service at the best possible rates.


We offer help with all your Insurance Options and Retirement Planning, such as Life Insurance, Medicare Plans, Part D, Financial Services, Long-Term Care, and Final Expenses. And we take the time to explain all the complexities to ensure you have the best benefits for your needs.


If you have questions about Medicare Plans, Retirement, Life, Health, or Prescription Drug Coverage, we can help.


We work with you FREE OF CHARGE to “simplify” the process of comparing rates, understanding the features and benefits of any given option, and choosing the right plan. We help by answering all your questions and educating you with the knowledge and confidence to choose the right products so that you can rest assured that you have selected a plan that best meets your needs and budget.

Call Senior Elite Services to speak to a licensed agent and schedule an appointment today.

(615) 266-2603


Financial Planning Services:

Investment Planning

College Planning

401k Transfers

CD Rollovers

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