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Jonathan Acevedo

President / Agency Owner

(615) 266-2603

As a Licensed Insurance Advisor and the owner and President of Senior Elite Services, Jonathan Acevedo leads a team of agents who provide simple, unbiased insurance solutions for families and businesses.


In his role as not only the owner and President but an agent, he developed a program designed to help pharmacies spend less time worrying about fees and chargebacks. The program allows pharmacies to focus more on their customers and help to enroll them in the plans that best suit their needs while providing them with the lowest out-of-pocket cost for their prescriptions.


Jonathan specializes in all aspects of Medicare. He assists families in navigating and understanding Medicare and finding the plan best suits their needs. He also uses a proven, proprietary process. 


As a 15-year veteran in the insurance profession, whether it is Medicare, Long Term Care, Annuities, or Life insurance Jonathan is committed to ongoing professional development as he holds his agents to the highest standards. 

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